Book 1: Macrodynamics I (Real Business Cycles Models)

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Alexis Montecinos (MIT) and I have worked in this book with he main goal to provide to students with the details of the main models that explain the business cycles from the point of view of the School of Real Business Cycles (RBC). Furthermore, we have tried to make whole math that involves each model, from the approach of the problem of maximization to the detail of the algebra involved in finding the steady state and the log-linearized equations. In addition, we attach detailed codes in Matlab and Dynare so that students can replicate without problems what is described in every chapter.

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The purpose of this book is to accompany the student in the step-by-step development of a DSGE (Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium) model. Not only from the technical and conceptual aspects but also in the simulation process of every model.

Códigos: Dynare y Matlab

Estos códigos replican cada uno de los modelos descritos a lo largo del libro. Hemos tratado de escribir los códigos de tal manera que puedas replicar cada modelo (gráficos de IRFs, resultados y simulaciones).